Green Roofs on Wanda Plaza

Wanda Plaza is not a particularly eco-conscious shopping center, and in some ways epitomizes Shanghai’s identity as big-box retail and shopping heaven. That is why I was surprised to see green roofs (sometimes called blue roofs) on the complex. These installations are clearly for waste water management, as they look to be primarily for drainage and not recreation. I nearly jumped for joy when I saw this, which was awkward because I was in a meeting- it took self control not to whip out my iPhone and take a picture immediately… afterwards I was able to sneak a few quick shots, hence the blurriness and poor lighting (darn it).

I’ve actually been waiting to blog this post until I had some better shots. Two of the four pictures were taken at a later date, and are better quality. They are also taken from another view of the plaza, which should give you some idea of the sheer size of the center (i.e very large).

Green roofs are great for the following reasons:

Reduce the urban heat island effect Insulate a building, keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter

Reduce flooding from rain water, lessening the load of waste water on the sewage system

Absorb pollutants

Reduction in energy costs for building Improves roof’s lifespan

Creates natural habitats insects, birds, and other animals

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